Instructions for fitting a compressor

A/C compressors must be installed in compliance with the vehicle and compressor manufacturers’ instructions. Compressor installation and air conditioner charging may only be performed by authorised, qualified staff .

Please note the following hints when fitting an A/C compressor:

  • Before you start fitting the compressor, make sure all connections, fastenings and other features relevant for installation are equivalent to those of the unit you are going to replace.
  • Prior to installation check if the compressor is filled with oil. If it’s not, refill the compressor following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For warranty reasons replace the filter drier and the corresponding O-rings when you open the A/C circuit.
  • During installation all open pipes or hoses must be sealed with suitable plugs. The sealing caps of the compressor and the filter drier are removed not until shortly before the installation. 
  • Before you proceed to start-up, rotate the compressor about five revs by hand to ensure uniform oil distribution.
  • Switch the A/C on and off several times in rapid succession with the engine running at idle revs. Then let the system run idle for a couple of minutes.